"Akemashite" was a happy verb

Canon's new Pixus campaign, with HASEGAWA Kyouko as herself only in kimono (for nengajou picture-related purposes), is a little difficult to parse. You can see that she's holding a baton there (perfectly vertically -- that's probably the only acceptable way to hold a baton while wearing a November kimono), but what you can't see is that her nengajou are on a music stand. As near as I can tell, this means that she's "conducting" her friends to the "music" of herself all dolled up. Isn't that a bit narcissistic, even for a person touting a system that streamlines the process of mass-producing mail-ready pictures of one's self?

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I love it: Even in the midst of my wishing you well for the new year, IT'S ALL ABOUT ME!!!

Maybe it's just me, but sending pictures of yourself on a postcard for the Ten Thousand Gods and They-know-how-many postal workers to gawk at (if the latter actually have time to notice anything during the height of the season) is decidedly weird.

(I wonder if these things have resulted in any stalking incidents!? I mean, your address is right there...?!?)


I used to think that she was cute, but those printer commercials have been freaking me out for a while now. There's just something weird about them. They're not nearly as bad as the ones with Aya Matsuura in them though.

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