Tie-Dyed Mars

Space Settlement: a 1975 design study from Nasa. The chapter about low-gravity lava lamp construction is particularly insightful.

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Bit of a game link, what?


(I managed to quick-perve a few cached pages, but still have no idea what you're on about with the lava lamp. ?!? Have been too frazzled the last few nights to read anything from home(玄関開けたら5分で布団)but will try again tonight. If I still can't get through, think you could expand a bit?)


I'm ashamed to admit that I made the lava lamp thing up. I don't know why the site went down, though. When I saw it, it really existed!


Well, pooh.

I was hoping it was some weird uni-firewall-etc. problem keeping me from accessing from the office (Chinese archeology prof next door, no Egyptians)...but looks like she gone.

The cached versions don't have images, and it looks like all the pages aren't cached, but interesting nonetheless.

I'm really disappointed about the lava lamp....


Hey, it's back on line!


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