That's not a business card. This is a business card.

So I was reading through a book on Japanese business manners* and I got to a part about giving someone your business card:

I know I haven't been working in a non-high-school-related office for very long, but wouldn't handing out business cards the size of placemats make you seem a little arrogant?

To say nothing of using an obvious pseudonym like "○山○子". That's just insulting.

* 『即戦力になるための実践!ビジネスマナー-基本ナマーが身につけば、一歩先のスタートラインに立てる!』-- "Practical! Business Manners For Becoming A Useful Weapon [in your company's arsenal]: If You Learn Basic Manners, You Can Stand One Step Ahead At The Starting Line!", by OKADA Sayoko, illustrated by ANDOU Shigemi and TAKAHASHI Naomi.

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At first glance, I thought that was a placemat-sized meishi for The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.

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