Soseki on haiku and big galoots

Because disrespectful chatty Soseki translation is what we do best.

A feeling for haikai? Not in the West, nah. They have things like senryuu in their poetry, but nothing like haiku, which aren't even really "poems" anyway. You could probably go ahead and call those suckers unique to Japan.
I mean, think about it. Japan and the West are different even down to the way they build and decorate their houses. In Japan, something as small as a tanzaku can really pull the room together, but the West builds on such a large scale that you wouldn't even notice such a teensy little thing.
Haiku aren't going to evolve, just change. You can make them as complicated as you want, or throw a bunch together like some crazy bazaar, but it won't mean squat. Japanese clothes are simple, Japanese houses are simple, and in the same way haiku are simple too.

Ha! We sure showed him.

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Actually, I rather do think we did.


I, in fact, own Spam-ku.


Anonymous: Oh snap! You're right! Well, we can salvage Soseki's credibility by postulating that the house Wright lived in in France was very, very small.

Will: I should have known.

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