She's probably fleeing from Train Man

Lukia -- the only watch that leaves a vapor trail so that you can find your way home when lost on picturesque cobblestone streets. As long as you don't spend too much time nuzzling lampposts.

Notice, too, that the "CM story" specifies that it is Christmas. If it doesn't look particularly Christmassy to you, that's because "Christmas" in this context, i.e. the context of diamond-studded watches, signifies not the patchwork Western celebration of gluttony and people you are related to by blood, oh yeah and God, but rather the Japanese variant, which has been efficiently pared down to cake, love, and a transfer of jewellery and/or furs from those with Y chromosomes to those without.

Not that I'm complaining -- I actually prefer it that way.

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Clearly the watch is on fire and she's desperately trying to shake it off her hand before finally surrendering to the lamp post; the use of a phallic symbol that seems oddly appropriate to Christmas in Japan.

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