Needless mystification watch

From a story about the female Ronald McDonald a woman in a Ronald McDonald-inspired suit:

The Japanese adverts, which promoted the new McGrand burger, first appeared last year and had a big impact on popular culture, particularly the culture of costume play, known as "cospre".

It's obvious even from this sentence that the word コスプレ derives from "costume play", so why spell it "cospre"? If you absolutely must transliterate, at least keep the u's in there: cosupure.

(I won't even get into the fact that "cosplay" is a word in English now, too -- it may not be in the OED, but come on -- this is a story about sexy clowns on Japanese TV.)

Also, I really doubt that it had a "big impact on ... the culture of cosplay". Someone turn that sentence around 180 degrees.

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