Looks like I got out of that industry just in time

The Korea Advanced Intelligent Robot Association ... announced yesterday it has begun operating, on a test basis, robots that can help young students pronounce English words.
According to the ministry, 64 such robots will be supplied to apartment complexes in Seoul, Bucheon and Bundang in Gyeonggi province by the year's end. Once testing is complete, the ministry and association plan to improve on the robots' weaknesses based on feedback from users, and to commercialize them as early as late next year at around 1 million won ($960) each. ...

Those who have high-speed Internet access can connect the robots to the Net, and then download contents of their choice from the ministry [of Information and Communication]'s Web site.

I'm trying to imagine a family which can afford, and wants, a million-won robot, but doesn't have high-speed internet access.

I'm also visualising a Korea twenty years from now full of all-grown-up hipsters using "Kill all hu-mans" and "Inefficiency must be eliminated" as greetings.

(via Language Log.)

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RESISTANCE IS...er, uhm, like, futile, Dude?

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