The Imperial March

I found out the other day that there exist in Japanese lyrics to Star Wars' "Imperial March" theme. Some claim that they were actually included in very early releases of the film, but most agree that they were simply invented by sci-fi geeks at a convention. Here they are, with hyphens to help you sing along.

帝国はとても強い     tei-ko-ku wa totemo tsuyoi
戦艦はとてもデカい     se-n-kan wa totemo dekai
 ダースベーダーは黒い     Daa-su Bei-daa wa kuroi
 トルーパーは白い     toruu-paa wa shiroi
デススターは丸い     De-su su-taa wa marui

Or, in English, "The Empire is very strong/ The battleships are very big/ Darth Vader is black/ The [storm]troopers are white/ The Death Star is round."

Popularity factor: 12


with songs like this, it's no wonder japan got bogged down in china.




That is just wonderful.And just today I was sniggering at myself for making up lyrics for the Star Trek (next gen, not original; that already HAS lyrics) intro theme.


"Treeek to the staaars and beyoooond!Our captain has no hair, but, if, he did he'd be bloooond!"

OK, you have to post yours now.



Will there be a Nintendo version coming?


Well, usually I follow the Jasper method of lyricking instrumental songs, so mine was more like:

'Heeere we are trekking aroundWe're trekking in stars and doing some thingsLots of us here on a ship!We never use money, we're too advanced...'

[ More of the same until you get to the final orchestral sting at the end, whose words are 'Look at us go!' ]


would be great if u can get the snippet of this song


You could make a little snippet yourself. Just sing those lyrics over the Imperial March. Seriously.


I thought you were making this up until I Googled the lyrics for myself!


That hurts, Snake. I may have lied about the lava lamps, but I would never lie about Star Wars!


I find it a little difficult to match the lyrics to the music, though, particularly the last line.

Incidentally, having just listened to it, the whole piece taken together wouldn't be much good for actually marching to, would it? I keep imagining ranks of goosestepping stormtroopers breaking into an exaggerated tiptoe during the quiet bit.


Oh, man, best image ever.

I'm not 100% on how the lyrics match up myself -- for the last line, I would go with:

(the) DEsu suTAAA wa maRUUUUUi

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