DDT, part 2: won't someone think of the children?

Here's the front cover:

『ピン子ちゃん豆日記』, literally "Pinko-chan bean diary", where "bean" means "good/serious/trustworthy/diligent person" and Pinko-chan is a name -- but whose? Since it's a little girl's name, we can only presume it's that kid to the right there, but she doesn't get a single line inside.

Other things written on this cover:

  • 戦災孤児を救いましょう -- "Save the war orphans"
  • 面白くて為になる教育漫画 -- "Entertaining and useful educational manga" (I count at least three separate lies there)
  • 戦災孤児援護協会 -- "War Orphan Support Association"

Aha! A culprit. Inside we learn that the pictures were drawn by one 竹田慎平 (TAKEDA Shinpei?) who turns up on other websites about old manga.

On the back, we learn that this book was published on April 10th, Showa 25 (1950), and read a message warning us that recently, certain scoundrels have been publishing wicked things and claiming to be doing it for the war orphans, and so we should avoid their offerings and stick with the safe, reliable work of the War Orphan "store your flour in a DDT can" Support Association.

So watch it, or you might end up with a black eye. Just like that duckling down at the bottom left.

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Kind of late, but did you ever come across "Mmm ... DDT ... Yum!" over at Some are Boojums?

Seems there was a use for Baby as well!

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