Classical Japanese has a posse

Yet another blog devoted to people wearing too many layers of clothing at once has swum into view: Sarashina Nikki, a blogged translation of the eponymous book, most well-known in English in Ivan Morris's rather more dramatically titlified translation As I Crossed A Bridge Of Dreams.

If anyone out there has another blog about old-school Japanese language or literature, I guess this post would be a good time to plug it. (I had high hopes for Tangled Thoughts, subtitled "Writing a dissertation about Yosano Akiko", when I stumbled across it in a Google search, but alas its updates are sporadic and sketchy.)

Popularity factor: 2


Thanks for the link! And just in time for Bunka no Hi, when I hope to get a large portion of it done, proving how compatible an active social life is with an interest in obscure ancient languages.

By the way, are you still doing that translation of the Houjouki?


(Yes, what of that, hmm hmm hmm? Hopefully coming along better than my Tanogokoro no shosetsu!)

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