Probably not a new observation

So I saw a couple in Shibuya today. He was carrying her oversized Louis Vuitton bag for her. (I assume -- but he didn't look the type to have his own.) I looked at them for a few moments before the oddness really hit me. Isn't one's accessorising somewhat undermined if one doesn't actually carry one's own accessories?

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Maybe the boy was the accessory.


Heh, Kim beat me to that observation.


Exactly. It's okay for your accessories to carry your other accessories, as together they form one meta-accessory.


Jeez, we have to get hyper-textual with accessories now?


well, all the male hipsters in taipei seem to be carrying small to enormous shoulder bags, and about 70% of the fashion in taipei rite now comes from japan, so i think kim and ali are rite. it was probably his bag.


I think the boy was the accessory TO the accessory. Secondary accessorizing, you know.

Or perhaps he is a mere vehicle for the accessory in question...you know, like how Apple products are nestled in those neat boxes. Attractive vehicle for an even more attractive item. This, naturally, assuming that he was attractive.



I can't believe this post got six comments!


Maybe this is an example of an Ude-kun, to parallel Ashi-kun & company?



I thought the X-kun system was abandoned back in the early 90s when they stopped paying people's salaries in fistfuls of diamonds. But, very possible. I'll ask next time.

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