I've got towel fever... and the only cure is more towels!

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A towel... with a pocket?


I think that bit was saying that you can put it in your pocket (when dry). It would be cool if it did have a pocket though. Then it could be advertised as the only towel so absorbent it could actually absorb other towels.


My god, man, you've ad copy there! Quick, send it off to them!

Might suggest a built-in transceiver of some sort as well, eh? Important to always know where the thing is, too, no?

(I'm wondering about the processes that give rise to wasei-eigo creations like pocket in. Any relation to bed in, you think?)


Ha! No doubt!

I always assumed that "Bed In" was based on the structure of ベッドに or something like that..


The first time I heard it I thought the conversation had suddenly, inexplicably, shifted to the topic of Arab nomads.

(And with that reference we could kishoutenketsu back to the original topic. But I shan't.)

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