I got a letter from the government / the other day / I opened and read it / It said

Work! Glorious, glorious work! How I've missed you!

The wait to get this news was actually even more exciting than it had to be. They told me on the phone that a decision had been reached, but they couldn't tell me what it was, so I had to go down in person. Two and a half hour journey. Then I spent half an hour waiting in the wrong line before I finally got the good news.

Thanks for your support, everyone! Especially people who let me sleep on their floor while I was a bureaucratic zero. (And, uh, who will let me sleep on their floor over the next couple of weeks until I get my own place. Ahem.)

Let us all celebrate by admiring images of Koyuki turning into a cat. So this is what they mean by Otaku-ism going mainstream.

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Woo! Employment! Congrats. How long does this new visa (or whatever the term is) last?


Congratulations! Red tape = snip!

...and thanks for remindning me of that song.


Congrats from me too!


It said empty circle?

the other Justin dammit:

Tail or not, Koyuki still lacks hotness.


Ali: It lasts for a year, but assuming that all goes well, when I renew it next year I can get a three year long version.

Justin: Any time! For some reason iTunes keeps putting it into my shuffle, so I've heard it over and over again recently.

LH: Thanks!

Stacy: That empty circle is like the Japanese version of a check mark for "yes". "No" is × and apparently a handwritten check mark, like we use in Australia, is interpreted as a ×. This caused some serious consternation the first time I marked schoolwork here.

Other Justin: I'm afraid that with the tail, we'll have to agree to disagree.


Hey Matt, congrats! And sorry for not being able to say hi to you the other day because I was talking with my project member when I got the call from the HR manager. Anyway, see you at the office next week!


Congratulations indeed!


now stop your whining, bitches,


Thanks, L and TM. As for you, Salmo, there's only one of me and where I come from we don't end sentences with commas! Were you raised in some kind of poorly punctuated barn?


Congrats from the jungles of Ohio as well.

(Would've said so sooner, but have been slashing and hacking away at it.)

Mark S.:

Congratulations! That's great news, Matt. But I hope this isn't going to mean fewer posts here. Maybe just a new source of material.


Thanks, IDR! Stay away from the banks of the Ohio, that's my advice. They're bad news. Even if it's just a little walk.

And ditto Mark S.! NDAs will keep me mum about work stuff, but I'll still have a decent commute to fill up with reading so things shouldn't dry up altogether.

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