"Fy on yow," quod she, "Everichoon!"

"I decided to do a lesson about light and shadow using photos of famous people, but I didn't have much time to prepare, so I only made copies of two different pictures, one of NAKAMA Yukie and one of INOUE Waka.

"So at the start of class, I said, 'Okay, everybody, today we're going to be drawing from photos. I have plenty of photos of Inoue Waka, but only ten of Nakama Yukie, so if you prefer--' and at that point, all of the students had leapt to their feet and begun racing towards the front to get their picture.

"The first ten people took a Nakama Yukie picture. The eleventh said 'Aw, man... I have to draw Inoue Waka?' And then everyone else after him complained too.

"Later, when I was walking around the classroom checking on their work, the kids with Nakama Yukie pictures were carefully shading in her cheeks, brows furrowed in concentration, but the ones with Inoue Waka had just scribbled a vague outline and settled back to play with their mobile phones. 'Hey, come on, you can do better than that,' I told them, but they would just say 'Whatever. It's only Inoue Waka.'"

High school kids can be harsh. P.S. I'm back to no net at "home" status.

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What, they've got you teaching art now?


What! But she's so damn hot!!!

This only strengthens my theory that Japanese people have terrible aesthetic taste.



Were the students all female? Or perhaps the portraits were entirely above the neck?

Either way would explain things. Besides, Nakama Yukie is much "prettier". Inoue Waka just happens to have a big chest.


Actually, who's "I" in this story? It's all in quotes, but there's no attribution.


"I" is my art teacher girlfriend, and yeah, they were neck up. I guess that does explain things. I told her she should try some photos from the waist up next time and see if anyone has trouble deciding then.

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