Easing the pain

FEMA has a rap. For kids. Who know the word "mitigation".

Popularity factor: 3


I'm Mr PlowAnd I'm here to sayI'm the plowingest guy in the USAI got a big plowAnd I move a lot of thingsJust like your cowIf you have one


I have no words.

Not true!

I actually like Mr Plow better. (Had to go to gb's page and follow the link before I realized he wasn't bragging or something!) Especially the ending; of the "Roses are red, violets are blue; most poems rhyme, this one doesn't" school.

Damn...here I was convinced that we were living in the land of Mickey Mouse Government. (I was going to point to the MEXT website as an example of silly characters on the portal of a gov't website, but it looks like they've minimalized their presence. Site still suffers from Yahoo!-ism, but then most sites over here do. (sigh))


"I'm a rappin' surfer/ you the fool I pity!"

I bet FEMA get totally smacked down at federal Open Mic nights, even by, like, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

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