This is not art

Did you know that the cartoonist who illustrates Savage Love (at the Onion, at least) is Japanese? Well, she is.

Also, did you know that noisemakers of this nature are called "American Crackers" in Japanese? Well, they are. (Snicker.) Come to think of it, what are they called in English?

The relatively new beverage whose name can be rendered hierarchically as (Coca-Cola (Aquarius (active diet))) has a relatively new commercial that I kind of like. To see it, click on "AD Gallery", then "TV CM", then the one on the far right where it says "「歩く人々」篇". I challenge you to find another 15 seconds of movie in which the same woman plays both a stewardess and a gorilla. Not to mention the special bonus towards the end which warmed the cockles of my technophilic heart.

And, in conclusion, imagine a world in which fighting did solve anything. Mathematics and certain branches of chemistry would instantly become the manliest academic pursuits.

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Two things: I did, indeed, know that she was Japanese (MisakoRocks!); also, chemistry and math are the manliest academic pursuits.


Ahem. I don't recall us linguists losing any fights to CHEMISTS back on the 'pus, my friend.


Maybe on your campus.


"Click-clacks", I think, or something similarly onomatopoeic.

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