"Thank GOD someone is crazier than us"

Via TorgoX: The Turkmen Book of the Spirit! (And also here, so all of your "uncertainty over how to render certain 'guttural' sounds in English" bases are covered!)

Sometimes, I wonder whether I feel too proud of my nation, or whether my eyes are dazzled by the light of the word "Ttirkmen," or whether I am enchanted by the magic of the word "Türkmen." However, so far human beings have never been damaged by affection. Nobody has ever been injured by his or her love of the nation. Be afraid of those who do not love their nation. If everybody likes their own nation, then the nations will like each othel Those who do not like their own nations cannot like other nations. The word "Türkmen," lies in my bosom like a beloved baby warmed by the heat of my heart.
As Thoreau said, "distrust any enterprise that requires incubating an infant in your thoracic cavity".

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