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I know it's not healthy to relate everything back to Japan, but I couldn't help noticing that "Betty Boop in Blunderland" is surprisingly in line with today's Akihabaraic moe aesthetic. She wears a maid-like outfit*, she shows her panties repeatedly... she, uh, almost but not quite gets rescued by a seal catapaulting lobsters at the Jabberwocky with its tail... OK, that last one doesn't really show up in much modern anime.

* Sure, that's a riff on Alice, but IMHO the modern Akiba conception of a maid's outfit owes something to the whole Elegant Gothic Lolita thing, and those EGLs certainly drew some inspiration from the kinds of clothes Alice is traditionally depicted in, if not Alice herself.

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Man, I miss being able to read this rock and roll potpourri that you call No-sword on a regular basis. I was looking at that military gestures post and I almost laughed out loud in the computer lab here at school. It's outrageously quiet in here. That would have been awkward.

And, I mean, I'm well-versed in awkward, but still.

I can't believe you're watching Tru Calling. I think I'm categorically opposed to anything that captures Eliza Dushku on film, but I'm not sure why.

Maybe if you're lucky you'll get Stacked (the hilarious sitcom starring Pamela Anderson, about working in a bookstore, which, I'm sure you've already caught, gives the title a delicious double meaning) over there some time in the future. If there's one thing this world needs, it's a wider spread of Pamela Anderson's presence.

Sarcasm, ho!


Ah moe. How I am glad I am not in such a sad place.

But hell, maybe I'm missing something incredible.




How can you be categorically opposed to Buffy and Angel?! That's just wrong! Says, uh, the man who watches Tru Calling.

I so want to see Stacked though. I mean, I LOVE books.

Justin: you don't like tragedy, you don't like moe -- what's left for you, man?!

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