Blood from a stone

Being unemployed, I'm legally required to watch Tru Calling. This is the show about a kind of limited-psychic woman named Tru who works at a morgue and periodically gets requests for help, from corpses. These requests are always delivered creepily: the corpse's eyes will fly open and stare at her, it grabs her arm, then it whispers "help me!" or something like that. If I were a corpse I like to think I'd be more polite. You'd sort of wave, maybe make eye contact first, instead of suddenly seizing her in your icy grip. An "excuse me, miss" wouldn't hurt either. Anyway, when this happens, Tru is hurled back in time, and must relive the day repeatedly until she prevents their death.

But it's not so bad -- Jason "Brandon" Priestley is in the cast too. His character also works at the morgue, but he's more mysterious. He follows other characters around, inciting them to gamble and waxing lyrical about how once you conquer the fear of death, you're totally free. The greatest thing, though, is that he acts exactly like Brandon doing an Agent Smith impression. Same haircut, same forehead thing, just talks slower.

Are you happy now, Will?

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If you start watching soaps, it's time for an intervention.



First the web addiction, and now the SOAPS!


(Argh! You had to mention HIM, didn't you!)


It's not a soap! It's SCI-FI DRAMA! Uh.. MAGIC REALIST... damn, I don't know.


Did you perhaps mean a "PSI-FI" drama?

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