Irregular weekly four 21: 喜怒哀楽

Like Frank Miller's Batman, I had intended to stay retired. But there are some things a man cannot let pass.

YOSHIDA Satomi (吉田智美) is this year's "image girl" for San-Ai swimsuits. (Also of interest on that page: 50 years' worth of swimsuit styles, though, sadly, modelled anew.) At her press conference:

Q: What do you think of the swimsuit you're wearing now?
A: It's bright and matches my image, so, I like it.
Q: If you were to describe yourself in a phrase...?
A: 喜怒哀楽.

The Dork Knight returns!


ki do ai raku
joy anger sorrow pleasure

This represents "emotions" in general, and apparently comes from a passage in the first chapter of the Middle Way (中庸):

When joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure have yet to arise, this is called the Middle (中); when they have arisen and are all in moderation, this is called Harmony (和). The Middle is the Great Root of everything under the heavens; Harmony is the path (道) that everything under heaven follows. Enable both the Middle and Harmony, and heaven and Earth will be in position while the myriad beings flourish.

OK, I kind of fudged that last sentence. Also, note ye well, o character nerds, the old-school 樂.

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