I'm as mad as the Burning Hell of String-Like Worms, and I'm not going to take it any more!

What's up with the mythical women in this country? How come only the snow ladies and the foxes are willing to marry a guy? I work hard, I bring home a paycheck after having spent no more than 45% of it on secondhand books about 16th-century Buddhism. Seriously, what more can I do? GRRAAGH!!

(I hope you're happy now, Will.)

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That "no more than 45%" is a boldfaced lie and you know it.Oh. Wait. That was just for the secondhand ones on 16th century Buddhism. Nevermind.


Damn, someone noticed the loophole.


Those snow ladies can be very nice. Just don't, you know, violate their explicit instructions. Otherwise you couldn't ask for a better companion.


You're forgetting the white snakes as far as mythological women. Of course, marry one of them, and you best hope for faithful servants or worried family members to bail you out....

(cf. 雨月物語 and related works)


Oh no! I knew I should have read that damn 雨月物語! I've been limiting my options severely.


Ooh, ooh! Ugetsu! Yes yes yes!

Akinari rules!

Haven't dipped into the original since my koten days...sigh. I like the Zolbrod for translation. And don't forget the Mizoguchi adaptation...spoookay!

Ooh, ooh! (And I was going to get back to work now!)

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