I have a scanner

And that means that now I can, on occasion, show you things like this vintage late-80s idol photo from an issue of Bomb! magazine:

Look at that bow. It's bigger than her head. It's so big that she can't even make idol pose #22, "plucky fists of ganbattingu", properly.

This lovely young woman's name is NAKAMURA Yuma (中村由真), and she's still active today! At the time she was starring in Sukeban deka 3 and also promoting her new single "Severe" (シビアー).

The text on the right says "I want to walk around the city by myself", but I bet she's glad, in retrospect, that her handlers didn't let her go outside looking like that.

Popularity factor: 6


In the wrong hands, the most innocuous tools turn deadly ;)


Too true - bring forth the bow of bondage!


She is the embodiment of my reasons for the innate misogyny in me. Despite my feminism.


Admit it, you got that "Look at that bow. It's bigger than her head" line from Pulp Fiction.

Paraphrased, of course.


Wow, Matt, that bow! How Sailor-Moonish! (Except none of the Sailor Senshi would actually, you know, make _fists_.) (Well, maybe Uranus, but we know __her_ gig.)


I only wish I had the presence of mind to quote Pulp Fiction.

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