Vast, cool and unsympathetic

Jeff Russell's STARSHIP DIMENSIONS is awesome for many reasons, but to pick just one, it's awesome because the image of the Martian tripod it uses is taken from the cover art of Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds concept album.

(via The Tensor)

Popularity factor: 4


I 'member that album from long and long ago. Good stuff!


I can still play a few of the riffs. Man, I wish they had that at karaoke. All I want is a chance to belt out a few ULLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAs.


Matt, did you know that they're reissuing the album, remastered and newly audio-balanced, with "expanded cover art material" & whatnot? Two versions: a 2-CD issue and a 7-CD issue. (Which left me wondering: WHAT the heck is going to go on 7 CDs? Besides a whole lot more ULLLAAAAAAAAAAAs...)


You can never have too many ULLLLAAAAAAAAAs.

I didn't know, but now I'm curious! Thanks!

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