Top 7 complaints my students have about my stylised drawing of convenience store shelves and their contents

  1. The chicken is next to the hats
  2. They don't sell hats in convenience stores anyway
  3. The model on the cover of Non-no has no hair
  4. The loaf of bread looks like a pineapple
  5. There is no such book as ENGLISH IS FUN (but they are wrong on that one)
  6. The word "yoghurt" is illegible
  7. The shelves are three times as high as the stick figure surveying them

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Hey! Show us the picture man! What are you thinking writing something like that and then not showing us the picture! Damn!

- donkeymon


I have to concur with that.


You can counter 7 by calling it an "inconvenience store". Maybe 1 and 6, too.

-- Tim May


Thirded! Scan and upload!


They sometimes sell hats in American convenience stores! Then again, I live in the rural, Southern part of America. Hats and chicken make a good combination.


I'll be the fifth :)

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