Third nerd post in a row

I finally got around to reading volume 10 of Tsubasa, in which the concept triangulation between Quantum Leap and Sliders is more or less perfected.

Also, they finally escaped that stupid Shara/Shura plot. Now they're in a country where everyone dresses like a Mod. It's actually a relief.

Sakura and Syaoran's stiff-upper-lip hero schtick has gotten old, and I hated Mokona the moment it appeared, but I still dig Fai and Kurogane. How are they translating those nicknames F. calls K., anyway? Is there anyone reading the English verson who can tell me? Call it professional curiosity.

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They aren't. Del Ray left a note at the end of volume one explaining that Fai was being an annoying high school girl and left the nicknames intact.


Those wimps! They copped out!

Oh well. Thanks for the info!

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