Ningen Shikkaku

I suppose speaking as a fairly regular reader of "up to the nipple line, but never over it" girlie/gadget magazine Sabra I can't poke too mocking a finger, but it strikes me that these t-shirts are more or less an announcement of one's withdrawal from the human breeding pool.

The background is that Sabra recently celebrated its fifth anniversary -- and they said bikini photography would never take off! -- and so they're selling a bunch of commemorative items and so forth. These t-shirts are the most dubious example, though. Readers who are attracted to women, can you imagine wearing one of those suckers in public? Readers who are attracted to men, can you imagine dating a guy who wore one in public? (My hipster readers are excepted; irony doesn't count.)

The great thing is that the models, of course, know this. But at the same time, their income depends on being popular, and I think that they genuinely appreciate it when non-stalker people buy their merchandise. (The alternative is to assume that they're cruel, calculating ice maidens, which I suppose is possible but let's give them the benefit of the doubt.) Anyway, this whole dynamic makes the promotional videos of them wearing their own t-shirt highly entertaining. "My shirt comes in two varieties, so you can wear one by day and one by night!" Or, "Summer is coming up, so I'd love it if you guys wore this t-shirt a lot. Down by the seaside or whatever." Or "I'm a little embarrassed to wear this myself, but I'm going to use it as a pyjama top." Ah, celebrity.

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