"Micropayments = Microincome"

The online comic Goats gave Bitpass-style micropayments a try and found their income shrinking like crazy. Bad news for Bitpass-style micropayments, I guess.

It is kind of astonishing to see so many people bitching about how even if they bought both Goats offerings, they'd still be left with $2.50 in minimum Bitpass investment that they couldn't spend. Come on! There are other online comics! Even if 90% of them suck, buy ten of them for a quarter each and you'll end up enjoying at least one. (The argument that this helps Bitpass artificially inflate their usage rates and so forth does have some merit, I guess, but it still seems kind of mean-spirited. What's the worst that happens? Bitpass fool themselves into thinking they're doing better than they really are, then eventually... fail, because it's an illusion? As far as I can tell, the only loser there is Bitpass.)

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