Koushien posters

Also from Victor: an archive in posters of almost two decades of Koushien baseball tournament sponsorship. It's amusing that they lasted exactly one (1) year of cartoon characters* before the move to high-school girls was made.

You can see, too, that it took them only a couple of years to settle down into a pattern (medium close-up of a wholesome girl in a school uniform), but since about the year 2000 they've been trying different things -- sexing the look up a little, romanticising it back down. Pimpin' ain't easy.

* Who are, by the way, Tatsuya and Minami from arguably the most popular Koushien story of all, Touch.

Popularity factor: 2


Is it just me, or is this one the most subliminally sexual of them all?


Since two other friends have brought it up in IM, I think we can safely assume it's not just you.

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