It's all falling into place

No! No, I don't, OK?! Why must you taunt me?!

Exoskeleton: check. You can also see a more inspiring photo at Tsukuba University's Sanlab page, and there are movies and such (and English details) here.

My only criticism here is that in all these publicity shots and movies, the feats they demonstrate consist of (a) walking around, and (b) lifting a single woman. These are hardly superhuman achievements. I myself can lift a woman and walk down the street at the same time.

Perhaps they are implying that this woman is unusually heavy. I suppose no-one said robotics researchers had to be gentlemen.

Popularity factor: 3


It's special because it not only allows you to walk, but to do so slowly and awkwardly.


i think they might have done better to have hired models with crazy hair in the pics and demos. that way, we could look past how absolutely silly it really is, and ask where we can buy one so that we can be as pretty as the person using it.


That's true, if it was a girl with crazy hair lifting another girl with crazy hair I might be more enthusiastic.

Will-- but I _am_ slow and awkward!

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