Interesting translation

Today's Japan Times has an article about a symposium of Japanese journalists unhappy with the recent upward trend of defamation lawsuits in response to uncomfortably probing journalism.

The Japanese name of the symposium, visible on the banner behind the sympositing journalists in question, was "PRIDE・闘うジャーナリストたち". Literally, "Pride -- Journalists Who Fight".

The Japan Times translated that as "Pride -- Fighting Journalists". Which is shorter and punchier than my version, but what it gains in punch it loses in specifity. That is, "Fighting Journalists" would work just as well as a name for an anti-journalism symposium. "We must fight the scourge of journalists before they journal our children as they have journaled so many other children before, etc."

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I prefer the K1 fighting journalists.


The sumo ones are OK but the evening edition is covered in salt.

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