Forgive me

I've tried not to get involved in these meme things, but I got tagged by Julie and I think it's a toile faux pas to ignore a fellow internaute.

  1. Total number of films I own on dvd: Hmm, let me see... one, two, three. I have three. My mind boggles at all y'all with your 50- or 100-title collections! I can only think of three or four other movies I seriously even want to own.
  2. Last film I bought: 2046. A two-disc Japanese edition that I found secondhand. It came with a bunch of oversized glossies that at first you think are cool but then you realise have no utility at all. Like that 20th anniversary edition of Dark Side of the Moon.
  3. Last film I watched: 『ルパン三世 念力珍作戦』 (Rupan Sansei Nenrikichin Sakusen, "Lupin III and the Weird Psychic Operation/Strange Telekinetic Strategy/etc."), a live-action Lupin III movie that was actually totally awesome, and not even in an ironic way.
  4. Five films I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me: Two of the three that I own (I'll let you guess). Tonari no Totoro. Uh... this is hard. I don't generally feel that attached to movies any more, if I ever did... I guess I'll always have time for The Heroic Trio and Ghostbusters.

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