For a crime they didn't commit

I have rigged it so that I can play whatever's on my iPod Shuffle through the Language Lab room speakers at school. So I normally do that during the ten minutes between classes while students are filing in and out, and sometimes if they need thinking music during class.

Yesterday the Shuffle coughed up "The Valiant Ones", track one of John Zorn's Xu Feng, which is a game piece featuring two guitarists, two drummers (including Dave Lombardo from Slayer) and two guys on electronics.

"What, is this your theme song?" asked a student coming in.

"Hell yes it is," I replied, because you could not ask for a theme song that kicks more ass than "The Valiant Ones".

Or so I thought. Because after school, when I plugged the regular earphones back in and listened to the Shuffle as I walked to the bus stop, I discovered that the very next track in the shuffled queue was the theme from the A-Team. So near, and yet so far...

Popularity factor: 2


Yay Zorn! Have you heard any of the "Go! Team"'s stuff? If you can find them, then maybe YOU can listen to...[machine gun sound] the Go! Team. S'good.

The REAL Justin:

That's a great idea. I wonder if it would be too distracting for my high school students though ...

The department bought an iRiver specifically with English class in mind. Have we used it yet? Um ...

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