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"quoniam prosperitas stultos semper inflat et mundana tranquillitas vigorem enervat animi et per carnales illecebras facile resolvit, cum iam me solum in mundo superesse philosophum estimarem nec ullam ulterius inquietationem formidarem, frena libidini cepi laxare..."

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Just keep a close guard on the family jewels, eh? "...quodam mihi serviente per pecuniam corrupto, crudelissima et pudentissima ultione punierunt, et quam summa ammiratione mundus excepit, eis videlicet corporis mei partibus amputatis quibus id quod plangebant commiseram" and all that.


"Chiefly the clerics, and above all my scholars, tortured me with their intolerable lamentations and outcries, so that I suffered more intensely from their compassion than from the pain of my wound..."

Compassion hurts more than getting your balls cut off eh? Oh Abelard, you and your crazy exaggerations.


It's a tragedy that he was born so many centuries before the advent of LiveJournal, where his talents would have really been appreciated.

Actually I think maybe he and Heloise's son suffered most of all, getting stuck with the name "Astralabe".

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