A poem about me

(written by one of my students)

I'm as baffled as you are.

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For some reason, I find that vaguely erotic...

{Ahem} But let me debaffle you. The first letter on each line spells out GCS, an obvious reference to the Glasgow Coma Score, 3 meaning death, and 15 being the top score, meaning eyes open spontaneously, well-orientated, and can obey commands.

Since the entire poem contains 17 letters, the student obviously thinks that in your classes, she/he can open her eyes spontaneously, not be confused, and obey commands (which would be a score of 15), but can do even more! Two more things!

Unfortunately, the poem also means the student thinks of trauma when he/she thinks of you, and in a larger sense, thinks of your classroom as a large trauma unit.



A lot of my students defame me with the label "Canadian" as well, but I've never gotten "Gold" or "Salty" yet.


Interesting that you point out the 17-letter thing, since this was actually a class about "English haiku".

Will: as for me, "Canadian" is a first, but every time we do the haiku lesson, someone describes me as salty. It's starting to get to me.


I suggest smothering yourself in maple syrup and getting your students to lick you clean. This would almost certainly lead both to a decline in the frequency you get described as "salty", as well as an upsurge in the frequency you get described as "Canadian". Quite probably also an upsurge with regards to the adjectives "fun" and "unemployed"


I don't know about anyone else, but the term "salty" immediately makes me think of a pirate ... saying "arrrrr!"

As for gold, well obviously, pirates are always in search of booty.

Canadian? I heard Canada is forming a sinister plot even as I type to gain control of the world's waterways. This weblog is just a front.

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