Not guilty, y'all got to feel me

Learnt from a friend of a friend: the Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music University Art Museum (東京芸実大学大学美術館 東京藝術大学大学美術館)'s collection database is online and searchable.

The pages are in Japanese, but since a lot of the entries have an English title and Romanised artist name in their metadata, you might find some interesting stuff even if you can't enter Japanese search terms. 作品名 means "title of piece", 作者名 means "name of artist", and 検索 means "search".

Not all of the works in the database have visuals attached, but a lot of them do, including my beloved 少女新聞を読む.

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Isn't it 藝術, and not 芸実?


Ah, excellent point. In my defence, the heading on their main homepage says 芸, so presumably they don't care all that much.

(.. but a typo like 実 is indefensible)

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