He likes big butts and he cannot lie

Haiku lesson has rolled around again and as usual there are some great ones. My favorite so far has been this effort from a second-year boy, on the theme of "Las Vegas":

Sexy gals
Fat ass

Close second, this one on "Batman" (yes, inspired by the Composite Superman):

Leather smell
Deep voice
Man smell

I hasten to add that these are not examples of unintentional non-native-speaker goofs -- the authors and their friends found them hilarious too.

Popularity factor: 2


So Batman posesses both "leather smell" and "man smell?" I don't really think I'd want to be standing next to him in a crowded subway car.


I think perhaps "fat ass" is the coolest thing ever to spill forth from the pen of a student.

All I get is "sex" repeatedly.

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