Excerpts from an article about dating techniques from a 20-year-old Japanese magazine for teenage boys, #1

Picking up a girl you don't know on a school trip
... 2. While sightseeing at a temple (continued)

Get close to the girl you're after by bragging, "I'm the son of this temple's head priest! Those guys make a lot of money, you know." Nobody would tell a crazy lie like this, so she's sure to believe you.

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In a Roman Catholic setting, this pick-up would be, "I'm the son of this parish's priest. Those guys shell out a lot of blackmail money..."


"Those guys make a lot of money" sounds a bit lame. How about something like "you'd be surprised what those guys wear under their robes. I can show you if you're interested."


It does seem a bit lame. Easily translated to: "Hi, I'm shallow, are you?"


I would translate it to something more like "I'm completely off my rocker. How you doin'?" personally.


I think the effect is right on. The Gold-digger (たまのこし) gene is strong in the feminine half, this article appears to be saying.

Strangely, I know a girl who is the daughter of the head monk of a temple in Tokyo. Unsurprisingly, they do make a lot of money.


You sure are bitter for a guy in your position!

But I will take this opportunity to add the kanji for tama no koshi: 玉の輿. It means "Jewelled Palanquin" and to get anal, it refers to a gold-digger's marriage rather than the gold-digger herself. (The first time I ever heard it I thought it was 玉残し, meaning something like "leave the balls untouched".)

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