She likes it rough

In an attempt to avoid being typecast, UETO Aya -- whose rise to superfame as an actor was fuelled at least in part by her lead role in TV Asahi's drama version of tennis manga 『エースをねらえ!』 ("Aim for the Ace") -- has accepted the lead role in TV Asahi's drama version of volleyball manga 『アタックNo.1』 ("Attack No. 1").

But seriously, folks, there's a big difference. Her character in "Ace" had short hair, but in "Attack" it's slightly longer and often held back with a ribbon.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Volleyball's a tough sport! There's jumping and punching and everything! Doesn't that hurt, Miz Ueto?

"Sometimes the ball hits my face, and my shoulders and back are covered in bruises from rolling receives. Getting bruised is fun!"

Hooo-kay! I'm also digging the use of 実弾 (jitsudan, or "live ammunition") for "ball". Good old Ueto Aya.

In another desperate attempt to assert my manliness after posting a folk tale about a terrifying snake and a single big tree that mysteriously burns down, I also present a news story and photo gallery dealing with the announcement that KUDOU Shizuka and MIZUKI Arisa will star in the commercials for Sapporo Slims, a diet beer to be released in May.

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Hey Matt, if you think about it, you should change the link to me there on the left back to http://patrick.yoshigaki.net.

I really didn't mean for that to be a shameless plug. I have nothing to plug. I just don't plan on updating that livejournal much anymore.


I'm sorry, where am I supposed to read manliness in this post? What we need here is some pics of these ladies doing what Japanese women on TV do best: look pretty and act stupid. Preferably they would be looking pretty rather than acting stupid. That asserts manliness.



I never got to see the ending of 『エースをねらえ!』 Whatever happened to the coach and Aya and her love interest? I don't remember their names now, oops. Love how she's moving on to something completely different. That ribbon will totally screw me over. "Take it out, dammit!"


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