Just what kind of restaurant is this, anyway?

So I thought I was past the stage where the presentation of Japanese food is new and fascinating, but I have to tell you sitting down to a place laid with...

... individual tongs and shears, well, that threw me a little.

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Shears and tongs are common place at Korean restaurants, but it's only one set for the table. What kind of meal requires multiple sets?


Long pig.

No, there was an enormous shared platter of raw meat and vegetables, and in addition to that each person at the table got an individual hunk of beef (itself the size of a regular dinner plate, but pretty thin) which we had to snip up and grill at a brazier on the table.

I've had that kind of meal before (I think in a Korean restaurant, actually), but the shears were new!


Cue whiney hostess-girl voice:


The food, that is. I could care less for the utensils.

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