Irregular Weekly Four 20: 杓子定規

One of my favourite Japanese expressions is 猫も杓子も, neko mo shakushi mo, which literally means "even the cat and the ladle" and is kind of a Japanese equivalent of "every Tom, Dick and Harry" (but it can also be used for non-human and even inanimate objects). Some people claim it comes from 禰子も釈子も, meaning "both the Shinto disciples and the disciples of Shakyamuni", i.e. "folks of every faith" = "everyone". I've also heard the claim that it comes from 女子も弱子も ("even women and little/weak children").

But all that? Irrelevant! Because we're here to talk about...

shaku shi jou gi
ladle ruler

Trying to judge or influence the direction of things based on fundamentally unsuitable standards, like using a ladle as a ruler.

And now, for absolutely no reason, a picture of a tree blooming like crazy.

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