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Spotted in Loft the other day:

The Yes/No pillow. 「NOと言える日本人になろう!!!」 = "Let's become Japanese people who can say no!" Or at least, people whose pillows can.

The bottom of the sign attributes this message to the 夫婦生活向上委員会, "Committee for the Improvement of Married Life".

Popularity factor: 6


I'm going to buy one so I can pretend I'm not lame.


Don't bother. It doesn't work.

Uh... I hear!


Am I crazy to ask why its in English? Is it easier to say a forceful Yes or No in another language?


It's very easy to firmly approve or disapprove of a phenomenon or proposed course of action in Japanese, but for cultural reasons it's often uncomfortable to. So, frustrated people in Japan romanticise the directness of (in particular) U.S. society and its form of English.

Also, the general "slight touch of exotica makes it more fun" thing comes into play here, I think. Of you were trying to sell an equivalent product in Australia, I imagine you'd do better trying to sell a "oui/non" version than a "yes/no", f'rexample..


Also, "'NO' to ieru Nippon" was an famous book by Ishihara Shintarou (the populist Tokyo mayor), so this could be a joking allusion to that as well.

--Vilhelm Sjoberg


Yeah -- that's why I linked to that weird allegedly-NSA-but-probably-just-some-guy, via-Chinese translation of bits and pieces of the book that you see online sometime ;)

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