Tales from the Couldn't-Even-Make-This-Stuff-Up File

It's gotten to the point where I eagerly check Wikipedia's "today" page first thing in the morning to see what craziness awaits me. Today is:

  • The Anniversary of the Opening* of Meiji Village! This is an attraction in Aichi prefecture which houses a bunch of authentic Meiji-period villages and transportation devices shipped in from all over Japan. Unfortunately, as far as I know, it doesn't hire actors to walk around in Meiji-period clothing coining Japanese words for "freedom" and "company".
  • GHOST DAY!* Why? Because KAKINOMOTO no Hitomaro, ONO no Komachi and IZUMI Shikibu all died on this day in history. Not in the same year, though. In any case, if you happen to be a melancholy poet or diarist, stay away from construction sites and undercooked meat today.

Appropriately spookily, Japan's first scientific ghostbuster INOUE Enryou was also born on this day.

* The word used for "opening" in the day name (明治村開村記念日) is 開村, "open [a] village". Other delightfully specific words in the 開 family include 開店 for "open a store", 開園 for "open a garden", and 開局 for "open a post office or telegraph exchange". This is why I love Japanese.

** OK, OK, "Spirit of the Deceased Day". The 精霊 in 精霊の日 is read shouryou, not seirei.

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