Least. Practical. Script. EVER.

It's like trying to read a book in a parallel-universe Earth ruled by bad web designers from 1996.

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My god! All the nausea of reading on the bus without any of the transportation benefits...that thing is pure evil!


Because reading text on the screen isn't enough strain on the eyes. Urg. Where the heck are some antiemetic tablets...


I dunno, this other one by the same creator might be even worse: Rebbuqqan script. But, agreed, while I'm theoretically glad that someone was willing to experiment with the concept of an animated orthography, the results of the experiment do seem to confirm my suspicion that it's a bad idea.

I came across these a month or two back, via Omniglot.

-- Tim May


Oh, you're right. Rebuggan is much worse. This must count as one of those areas of nature mankind was not meant to tamper with.

It does make me wonder about an animated script that didn't just feature cycling letters but actually went down the sentence or something. Maybe as you read it. I guess that'd be impractical.


It did make me start thinking about actually conveying meaning with motion, like in American Sign Language. Maybe animation could play a role more like this.

Or maybe not.

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