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The Japanese-to-English Game Industry Jargon Dictionary.

しんでしまうとは なにごとだ! 〔成句〕 〔ドラクエ/RPG〕
What do you mean by just dying like that?! [Catchphrase] [Dragon Quest/RPG]
The King at the end of Dragon Quest says this to you when you die in battle. "Well, I didn't exactly mean anything by it..."

What did he say in the English version?

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Ooh ooh I know this one!

Since they (irritatingly) decided to translate Dragon Quest (well, Dragon Warrior in the States) into some crappy bastardization of "olde" English (with thees and thys and thous all over the place), the king says something like:

"Thy quest has not yet ended."

Why do I know this? I was using it as a lesson for a Japanese student. Needless to say it took a while to explain thee, thou, thy, etc.


I thought it was something about being "cold as a codfish." Or was that Dragon Quest/Warrior 2?

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