Ooh baby I like it raw

I am a complete sucker for MATSUSHIMA Nanako endorsements, so you can bet I was first in line to try out the new, rebooted Namacha-brand green tea. The first advertisements, at the bottom there, seemed to position her as a very force of nature. She eats tea leaves raw! I mean, I know that's the whole point of a product called 生茶, and they claim the new flavour gets you even closer to the foliage-eating experience... but that's still pretty hardcore. This must be the 茶葉感動 (chaba kandou, "Powerful emotion [caused by] tea leaves") that they keep mentioning.

Best of all, for a limited time only each bottle of Namacha comes with a bonus miniature bottle containing...

A small sachet of tea! Yes, Namacha may be the first tea-based drink in the world to use recursion as a promotional tool.

Against all my better instincts, I steeped me a cup of the meta-tea, and it tasted... weak. Must have put too much water in.

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Oooo, Namacha! In a limited-time bottle! Your upstanding compassion will lead you to sending me one, right?



Sure, I guess I have enough compassion to send you a tiny plastic bottle of tea. ;)


Yahh! I always knew I liked you for some reason. :D

The 16 oz. bottle and the little extra thing it comes with right? Hell, I just miss Namacha. It was my drink of choice from all the 'healthy' non-sweetened teas available over there.

<3 Much love, man.

Oh yeah, I'm sending in my pension stuff along with saving to visit. I'll mail you about that later.


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