Lawson literature roundup

God only knows what the staff at my local convenience store think of me, but I just can't stop buying this stuff.

"Mind tricks that work: 78 techniques for making people do what you want". Call me crazy, but I don't think that dressing like the Phantom of the Opera is going to get me very far.

"Pro-Wrestling Superstar Biographies: HULK HOGAN". He's playing electric guitar by page 3, people. BEST BIOGRAPHY EVER.

Popularity factor: 2


That doesn't look like the Hulk Hogan I grew up with. I stopped feeling anything like shame when purchasing read materials in a foreign language. I mean if I want to read books about sentient dog crap...or aging guitar playing professional wrestlers I will!


It looks a little more like him on the actual cover. I wish I had a scanner instead of a cellphone camera.

Yeah, I can't get over the shame.. but it doesn't stop me buying this stuff.

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