Just when you thought economists couldn't have a worse public image

UEKUSA Kazuhide: busted.

The Tokyo District Court on Wednesday ordered Kazuhide Uekusa, a well-known economist who was a regularly featured guest on television programs, to pay a fine of 500,000 yen for using a mirror to look up the skirt of a high school student in April.
The court also ordered that the small mirror be forfeited.

I have to admit I snickered when I read that bit. Since hand mirrors aren't exactly difficult to come by, or especially expensive to replace, it's clearly all about making this as publicly humiliating as possible for Uekusa.

Curious, I searched for more information about the forfeited mirror's fate, and found this at Sanspo:

刑事訴訟法によると、没収物は検察官が処分すると定められている。「価値のあるものの場合は公売などに掛けられますが、特段の価値がなければ廃棄されます。ああ、あの手鏡ですか? その程度のものでしたら廃棄になるのでは」と東京地検の広報担当者。
★Where will the mirror go?
The forfeited mirror. If the court's judgement stands, it will probably be destroyed.
According to the Criminal Procedure Code, forfeited goods are to be disposed of by the public prosecutor. "Items with value are put up for auction and so forth, but items with no particular value are destroyed. Oh, that hand mirror? My guess is something like that would be destroyed," said a PR person at the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office.
We get the feeling that if "that mirror" were sold via online auction it would fetch quite a high price... too bad!

Anyway, the lesson is clear: if there's one thing that absolutely doesn't fly in Japan, it's the sexualisation of high school girls! ... Oh, wait.

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You sure this won't get him *more* speaking gigs? :)


Man, whoever destroys that mirror is in for some bad luck.


Maybe he'd be more in demand if he'd actually gotten away with it.

GB-> I didn't even think of that! They should make him destroy it himself. "I sentence you to seven years of bad luck! And walk under the ladder on your way out!"

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