Irregular Weekly Four 16: 古今無双

Special stripped-down I'm-doing-other-things version.

ko kon mu sou
yore now no twin

"From the days of old to modern times, never has there been something like this before!" 古今 is an independent word in its own right, and appears in a couple of other compounds with similar meanings:

  • 古今独歩 -- ko kon dop po -- "yore now solitary walk"
  • 古今無類 -- ko kon mu rui -- "yore now no match"

And in one that means more or less the opposite:

  • 古今東西 -- ko kon tou zai -- "yore now east west" → "everywhere, throughout all recorded history"

Popularity factor: 2


Given the right context, this is totally becoming "the greatest thing since sliced bread."


For sure. And in the context of entertainment, it's "historic".

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