Bikini models in blog shock

Via Yuki: talent agency Anthem is apparently encouraging its talent to blog. You can find the full list here, but they all link to each other too.

Some are more interesting than others. (We can now consider it conclusively proven that "Good morning! I slept for twelve hours" isn't any more interesting when a bikini model says it.) Some have more purikura than others. Some are written in Japanese so cutesy I'm ashamed to understand it. None have comments.

As Yuki says, the one that looks most promising is KABA-chan's. He even has a picture of himself with his blog editor! (Well, 担当(者). Close enough.)

Popularity factor: 2


Forget blog editors...dude had a picture of himself with the Monchichis! That Blog of the Year caliber material right there. Also who/what is Aja exactly? She/It scared the crap out of me.


She's... a _niche_ model.

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