The creator of Katamari Damacy, TAKAHASHI Keita, on... stuff:

Takahashi also noted the connection between Katamari Damacy and his sculpture education at art college. In particular, he looked back on his experiences in which he was forced to focus on the tactile rather than the visual, as well as the enjoyment he got from "being able to feel things with one's hands."

And it's so true -- KD really does put you right down in the environment, getting your hands (well, ball) dirty, rather than skating above it only interacting with selected items on your way to the boss chamber.

Also makes you wonder what kind of games we might get from someone who has a serious passion for dance (there are "dancing" games now, but they're mostly just music-centric rhythm games in disguise), or something even more specific like woodblock printing or calligraphy. (Which reminds me, I never did see Mojib Ribbon in stores anywhere.)

Popularity factor: 3


I saw Mojib Ribbon only at last year's GDC, but it was really just only a rhythm game. You auto-wrote hiragana by hitting 'A' repeatedly, not by joystrick stroke or any such other means. I pronounce it not really about writing at all. Le sigh.


M'oh! Oh well. Was it as fun as Vib Ribbon, at least?

And do you know anything about Vib Wave?


(sorry, I saw 'Robots' and the film of rage covered my field of vision until now)

It wasn't all that fun, but mostly that was because no one knew enough japanese to progress farther than the first couple of stages (the rules were a little opaque). I would actually have to try it away from the crowds of 21-year-old counterstrike asses.
Vib Wave I know little to nothing about, sadly...

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